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Für DIY handyman, Artists, Printing companies and Creatives.

Ikonart = Do-It-Yourself + Serigraphy at home.

Suitable for...

  Hobbyists, (hobby) artists, creative & DIY users
  Printing houses, advertising technology & craft
  Gift & promotional items
  Interior design & home decor

Ikonart for DIY & hobby

  Design decorative items, gifts and much more
  Fun and creativity for young and old
  Individual design for T-shirts & textiles
 deal gift idea for every occasion
  Design your own individual pieces

Ikonart for professionals & artists

  Individualization with a process similar to screen printing
  Create templates without bridges
  Work with a great diversity of details
  Unique items, exhibits or series production
  Simply implement any desired design
  Stencils can be used multiple times
  Round surfaces? Not a problem thanks to its flexible adaptation

Ikonart for e.g. printing houses

  The alternative to the classic screen printing process
  Letterpress finishing
  Individualization of print products
  Small series production for e.g. card & signs
  Realize typography or vector graphics
 Flanking for embossing, countersinking and foiling
  Of course, stencils can be used several times

Unleash your creativity with Ikonart Starter Kit

Order now and try it.

Everything you need for Ikonart - in one box! The Ikonart Starter Kit was specifically designed to create individual and reusable screen printing stencils in the shortest amount of time possible. The Starter Kit contains all the components required to make IkonArt stencils yourself (note: no paints are included in the kit).

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Your favourite motif

From simple motifs and designs to highly detailed graphics. Ikonart removes all barriers that stand in the way of your creativity.

Just print it

Ikonart allows you to create individual, self-adhesive motif stencils in just 4 easy steps. Print any motif.

DIY serigraphy

Expose the chosen motif onto the Ikonart film using the Ikonart LED UV exposure unit and rinse with warm water.

Your ideas

Ikonart is a new, revolutionary method to create your own stencils swiftly and easily, just like in serigraphy.

Only 4 steps to your screen printing design.

Print your design

Print the desired design in black and white.


Expose the printout and Ikonart film with IkonArt UV-lamp.


Wash out the Ikonart stencil film and dry it.

Your style

Stick on the template and apply the color of your choice.

Unlimited options! - your Style!

Use Ikonart stencils for cool effects on your favorite items.

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On countless surfaces!

Whether on wood, glass, metal, plastic or textile - Ikonart stencils can be used on many different materials.

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An ideal gift

Sketches, Forms, Fonts, Slogans, Logos, Tribals, Clipart - Customize gifts and packaging for special moments.

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