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Ikonart Instructions

All you need to know to apply ...

Complete instructions download

Simply download the Ikonart application guide as a PDF..

To Print

Create your desired design in a graphics program of your choice and print it out on the laser or inkjet film. Make sure that you mirror the motif in the graphics program, alternatively you can also place the motif on mirror image in step 2 on the IkonArt film.


Place the black cardboard on the exposure surface of your LED exposure unit to prevent reflections from below. Now put the Ikonart film on the cardboard with the emulsion side (soft side) up. Now you put your print out on the Ikonart film. If you have previously mirrored your design in the graphics program, put the print page on the Ikonart film, otherwise you put the print upside down. Note: The design and the font should be readable from above, not a mirror image! Finally, put the transparent film on top and smooth everything out. Then turn on the imagesetter.

Exposure times:
Inkjet: 35 seconds
Laser: 30 seconds

Wash out

After the exposure the Ikonart must be washed out so the motif becomes visible and you'll get your stencil. To do this, clip the Ikonart onto the clipboard and wash out the stencil with warm / hot water. Ideally use a spray nozzle (e.g. garden or shower head) and wash as evenly as possible until the motif is completely visible. Before and after exposure, as well as during the wash-out process, sunlight and bright light sources should be avoided!


Dab dry carefully with a lint-free Ikonart cloth. Then allow it to air-dry for up to 45 minutes. To shorten the drying time, a film dryer or blow dryer can be used over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.

Post exposure

After the Ikonart stencil is completely dry, expose it for at least another 60 seconds (without the print out) to harden itt and increase its durability. The longer you post expose the Ikonart stencil, the more often you will be able to reuse it afterwards. Note: This step is optional, but is recommended to ensure reusability.

Apply motif

Remove the protective film. The IkonArt stencil adhesive page is now exposed. Apply Ikonart with the adhesive side to the object and press it firmly to remove air bubbles. Note: If you want to reuse the stencil, mark the protective film e.g. with an "X" in the upper right corner. So you always know which side of the protective film comes back on the IkonArt stencil. The protective film is then still required, so do not throw it away.

Apply paint

Now apply your color to the stencil and squeegee / brush over all open areas of the stencil. Carefully remove the Ikonart stencil and let the paint dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Clean and reuse

Clip the Ikonart stencil back onto the clipboard. Make sure to moisten the board beforehand so that the Ikonart stencil does not stick to the board. Rinse and gently rub both sides of the stencil to remove excess paint. Now put Ikonart stencil on the clipboard with the sticky side up and put the previously removed protective film with the correct side back on (pay attention to the marking from step 6). Now use the squeegee to scrape the excess water out of the stencil and let the stencil dry again.

Safety Data Sheet

The safety data sheet for the Ikonart stencil film is available for download here..

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Your favourite motif

From simple motifs and designs to highly detailed graphics. Ikonart removes all barriers that stand in the way of your creativity.

Just print it

Ikonart allows you to create individual, self-adhesive motif stencils in just 4 easy steps. Print any motif.

DIY serigraphy

Expose the chosen motif onto the Ikonart film using the Ikonart LED UV exposure unit and rinse with warm water.

Your ideas

Ikonart is a new, revolutionary method to create your own stencils swiftly and easily, just like in serigraphy.

Only 4 steps to your screen printing design.

Print your design

Print the desired design in black and white.


Expose the printout and Ikonart film with IkonArt UV-lamp.


Wash out the Ikonart stencil film and dry it.

Your style

Stick on the template and apply the color of your choice.

Unlimited options! - your Style!

Use Ikonart stencils for cool effects on your favorite items.

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On countless surfaces!

Whether on wood, glass, metal, plastic or textile - Ikonart stencils can be used on many different materials.

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An ideal gift

Sketches, Forms, Fonts, Slogans, Logos, Tribals, Clipart - Customize gifts and packaging for special moments.

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